Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today is a cold, windy day in central Oklahoma.  A cold front passed through overnight and left us with cloudy skies, cold wind from the north, and temps in the 40s.  I suppose autumn has FINALLY arrived in Oklahoma.  It was a long time in arriving.  We have had temps in the 70s over the last few weeks.  It is time to get out the coats, scarves, and ear wraps.  We have plenty of wood for the wood stove so we are ready.

I took a few moments this afternoon to finally fill all of the bird feeders in the front yard with sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and peanuts.  A titmouse sitting on a tree limb about 5 feet away tweeted to me waiting to get some sunflower seeds.  I also hung two seed baskets with seed blocks in them.  I have suet blocks to hang out too.  I just spotted a squirrel hanging from the tree limb to reach the peanut feeder, so the word is out.  I have already seen purple finches, titmice, nuthatches, and house finches today.

It is a good day to stay inside and watch NFL football. Atlanta just lost, so there are no more undefeated teams.  Go Texans and 49ers!!

All five cats are sleeping. The dog is asleep outside on the porch.  Time to get back to reading "The Bone Bed"by Patricia Cornwell.  I am on the downhill slope to finishing the 400+ page new release.

More later.  Enjoy what is left of the weekend!!

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