Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Diva Weekly Zentangle Challenge #248 - "Give the Gift of Zentangle"

The final Diva Weekly Zentangle Challenge of 2015 is to "give the gift of Zentangle."  Below are two Zentangle inspired pieces of art ("ZIA") I am giving to my hair stylist, Jesha, along with a holiday card, a Starbucks gift card, and a treat bag with chocolate truffles, fudge, tea bags, and candy inside.  She always takes such good care of my hair all year long . . . and puts up with me.  I hope she likes it.  If not, she can give it all back, because I like it!!

The ZIA above is composed of Squid, Florz, and Fescu drawn on 4" x 4" watercolor paper  (140 lbs.) with a black Sharpie fine point pen.

The ZIA above is composed of Starawn drawn on 2" x 4" watercolor paper (140 lbs.) with a blue Sharpie fine point pen.  This size is to be used as a bookmark.

I originally purchased the pad of watercolor paper that was 4" x 6" and 140 lbs.  I wanted to use a square for practicing Zentangle patterns.  I decided to cut off 2 inches and use a 4-inch square.  I saved the 2-inch pieces I cut off and decorated them to give as bookmarks. So all in all, I was able to use all of the paper with no waste!!  Yeah!!

As always, comments and criticisms are appreciated!!  Thank you.