Saturday, July 16, 2016

Diva Challenge #275 - "Guest Post: Give Peace a Chance - Suzanne Fluhr, CZT

Suzanne Fluhr is standing in for the Diva this week and has set this week's challenge as follows:  "I'd like you to dedicate yourselves to expressing "Give Peace a Chance" through art, using Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art techniques."

Immediately when I read this on Monday, I started out and created a tile using peace as a theme.  Here is what it looks like:

I was not real pleased with it and held off posting it hoping I would create a new one.  Well, I do not think it will happen before the end of the challenge so I decided to go ahead and post this one.

I used a black Sharpie medium point pen and a black Micron 01 pen to draw Crescent Moon and Bambooz patterns.  

I messed up on the peace sign and intended to draw it larger but tried to salvage it with the Bambooz accents.  Here is a close-up photo:

I kept telling myself that there are no mistakes in Zentangle and it was meant to be . . . I still believe the process is "one stroke at a time."  Sometimes my strokes just do not go as planned.

Oh well, there is always next week . . . .