Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dang, another week goes by and, once again, I am trying to catch up on posting my daily Zentangles -- there are just not enough hours in the day!!  I have been faithful in drawing/practicing a pattern every day.  Most days, the pattern has been one I have never drawn before which has been an adventure.  Some of the patterns I will draw again, some I will not.

For this posting, I decided to show the name of the Zentangle along with the date I drew it.  Some of these are original Zentangles and some are created by individuals.

Following is another installment of the daily drawings:

 06-15-2015 - Onomato and Florz

 06-16-2015 - Taymur

06-17-2015 - Twing and Static 

 06-18-2015 - Chand

06-19-2015 - Viaduct 

06-20-2015 - Angel Fish with Aum

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