Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello, me again!!  Hopefully with this post I will catch up with posting all of the daily patterns I have created.  With the month coming to a close, I have quite the selection of patterns to review.  Once again, I will include the name of the Zentangle pattern along with the date I practiced it.  Here goes:

06-21-2015 - Fengle

 06-22-2015 - Frost Flower

 06-23-2015 - Phroz

 06-24-2015 - Twilight Zone

 06-25-2015 - Dyon

 06-26-2015 - Ta-da

06-27-2015  Five-Oh

Yikes, it looks like the last one is a little blurry -- sorry 'bout that.

Okay, there you have it!!  All up-to-date now.  Phew!!  

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  1. Love Zentangles. Fun and relaxing. The joy of feeling like a child again, if only for a while.